Friday, October 22, 2010

Chlorophyll and World Literature

So I had my midterm yesterday, which turned out to be pretty decent. We didn't completely screw up the lines, just kind of tweaked them so one could understand what the hell we were saying. It didn't come out too badly. Also, we were pretty funny, especially at the beginning, despite that apparently our blocking sucked, but then again, we did not work on it that much, so no problem.

Sadly, we were all split up into different groups. : / Hopefully, we don't stop talking...

Anyways, in other news, I've started reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos De Laclos. It was given to me by my former English teacher, Ms. Woodrow, who has given me many other books in my personal library. (Don Juan, The Aeneid, Herodotus, to name a few.) The book is in letter format, and it's about two aristocrats, a couple of years before the French Revolution, who start playing this game of manipulation and seducing innocent convent girls. While I have not read that far into it (so far I understand the "innocent convent girl" part), it seems intriguing, kind of like a classical version of Gossip Girl or 90201, etc. Sounds fun. Haha!

Random Fact: Who Knew? I like mushrooms. : )

The vegetables! Not the drugs! Haha!

So apparently, on another completely unrelated subject, I have to study for my World Literature class, since my midterm is on Monday of next week. While this does not sound to bad, take in mind, I have to read over, just, you know, everything. From Mesopotamian, to Greek (which I refer to as 9th grade revival), to Early South Asian, China, and Roman. *Sigh* This completely blows, but truthfully I have no one else to blame but myself (yes, I admitted it, surprise!), for not reading the whole thing when I was supposed to. Thankfully, they're interesting, so I don't have to stab my own eyes out with pen. So I'm thinking I'm start reading the 500+ pages later on in the afternoon, whilst at Starbucks. If I even decide to go. FML.

You know if I were to post that on the FML website, I'm sure I would get like a zillion 'YDI' responses. (YDI = You Deserve It)

I should get started.

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