Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come on! Let's all OD on Tylenol!

Bleh. I'm starting to get a fucking headache.

Well today I went to sleep at 6:30am and the woke up at 2:44pm, after pulling an all nighter to get 80 percent of my mythology essay done, which I kind of did. I am supposed to compare and contrast three different creation myths from different cultures. I chose "Genesis", "The Creation from The Eddas" and "Creation of Uligarra and Zalgarra", which are Christian, Norse, and Sumerian, respectively.

I got maybe 80 percent done, today. It's probably total crap, but it's better than nothing. Unfortunately, I have another 6 pg essay due tomorrow, which completely and utterly sucks. Which I'm also not going to finish. I will try, don't get me wrong, but 75% chance that I will not finish. But thankfully, my professor kind of forgets about the assignment, which why I have so little time, to begin with, so she might forget about it. Besides, if I don't finish, I can always turn it in later, which ensures that it will be better than whatever crap I slap together today. So I'm not so stressed about the World Literature essay (the 6 pg. one), but I am concerned about the mythology one, which sadly, does seem to be pure, unedited crap.

I woke up, kind of headache-y, which is to be expected after staying up for so long, seated in front of my computer, typing about inane shit I don't really care about. Truthfully, I would rather be working on my research paper on the Tuatha-De-Danann, if I had to be working at all! I want a break. Lol

So now, before I dive back into the fold, I am munching on pizza and potato chips, relaxing my stressed-out mind, and trying, desperately to wake up. I love this pizza, btw. It's like the best breakfast food in existence.

I have half a mind to go find that Tylenol bottle I purchased on Friday and pop a few. The other half just wants to sleep.

So, wish me luck on mu impossible task, and hope that I can actually install my printer correctly, so i can actually edit those essays from hell. Hahaha!

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