Saturday, October 23, 2010

Easy B+

Today I saw Paranormal Activity 2.

Despite my misgivings, when i considered the first one, it was pretty decent. Because truthfully, while watching the first one I laughed. A lot. The twenty minute lull between the scenes was boring and annoying, and truthfully I wanted someone to die by that time.

(Btw: Spoiler Alert!)

But! Despite my attitude toward the first one, I really enjoyed the sequel. Or in this case, the sequel that is actually the prequel. Or the prequel in the beginning and later on the sequel. Or is it a sequel? Anyways...

The movie is actually supposed to take place before the first one, and it explains everything in the original. Like, most importantly, why the demon was following Katie around. Or why she didn't like talking about her past experiences with the demon. It turns out it was after her nephew Hunter, because of a deal that was made with the demon by their great-grandmother. And since the kid was the only male child born after the deal was struck, the demon was after him. Kristi (the mother and Katie's sister) became possessed by the demon, and in order to un-possess her, her husband decided to "pass on" the demon to Katie, because it only could be sent to a blood relative. So then, after de-possessing Kristi, the events of the first movie pass, and Katie shows up to their house, killing her sister and her sister's husband and stealing the kid.

Truthfully, I kind of blanked out during the middle of the movie because one of the theater employees was checking ticket stubs, and I did not have one, so I was freaking out and trying not to draw attention to myself. Feel free to interpret that any way you like. : P

All in all, the movie was good, and I do not regret risking a possible fine or banishment from the theatre to watch it. Heh.

There is a back story to this, however. We were going to originally watch "Paranormal Activity", but since I was not Twenty-One, and my cousin was underage, I did not count as adult enough to take her with me. So we watched "Easy A", again- for me at least. My cousin had nto seen it, and I was not surprised that she liked it. It's obvious now that good taste must run in the family. Haha! : P

Watching it a second time confirmed exactly how much I liked it. I fucking love that movie. Starring Emma Stone and that guy from Gossip Girl whose name I don't care to remember, it is easily the best movie I've watched all year. It's like evidence contrary to the perceived death of Hollywood movies. Crammed with pop culture references, from "Ferris Buller's Day Off" to "Carlito's Way", and witty (not to mention sarcastic) dialogue, it is described in one word: Awesome.

With a capital "A".

This movie is one I will buy and add to my extremely small DVD collection, right next to "Party Monster" and some B movie starring Nicholas Brendon.

This afternoon/evening was truly the most fun I've had in awhile. While in line for popcorn, we ran into my little sister, her brother and a few of her friends, who were there to watch Jackass. We watched Paranormal Activity together. Ironically, the scariest part of the day did not occur when we watched a possessed bitch kidnap a small child, but when the beefy man checking ticket stubs stood right next to our row. I've never stayed so still in my life! Hahaha!

Shoutout to my cousin, Sammy! Thanks for taking me with! : D

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