Monday, October 18, 2010

Ideally, I Should be Inhaling Some Type of Caffeinated Beverage

Today was a challenging day. Very challenging. I began my day at midnight, working on my research paper for my World Literature class, analyzing the many aspects and themes of Euripides's' The Medea. Needless to say, it was not very fun. Coming up with ideas and new paragraphs at 3 am was downright horrible to say the least. I finally finished around 6 am, with various paragraphs about how Medea was just a wronged woman, and had a right to revenge, etc, etc.

I was all happy, really to press print and go to sleep, when I remembered- the bibliography. The fucking, god damned bibliography. . .

So I had to run various searches, through various search engines, in order to find the way to cite your sources, which had to have been the most tedious thing I have ever, ever, ever done. Ever. So I printed it out, half-asleep and with no caffeine, and irritated as hell. Those of you that know me, this is what we call "Super-Bitch Mode", in which, yes, I will yell and completely verbally eviscerate anyone who says something stupid of sends a funny look my way. (Btw, in the middle of typing this I decided to uproot myself from my seat at the kitchen table and moved to my bed. Can you say, convenient? I love my new laptop!!) So I was finally allowed to knock out around 7 am, and allowed to sleep until 11 am or 12 pm, which was a nice 5 hour nap.

I woke up the warmest I have ever been, and my bed was so comfortable, that I slept for another twenty minutes. And another ten after that. And another five after that. When I finally woke up, I showered, ate breakfast, courtesy of my mom. It consisted of some blended health drink and a cinnamon raisin bagel. After that, I collected my papers, which were strewn about like if a hurricane hit (remember: Super-Bitch Mode) and got a ride to campus.

After I arrived in class I sat down and had a conversation about the tediousness of writing on Medea, with the other people who write on the same subject. Apparently, it was a popular subject. I then spent an hour and a half being taught about Confucius and Daoists, and THEN I get told that the essay, the one I spent 6+ hours on that morning, is due next Monday!!

What the Hell?!

So I'm not really sure, is it a blessing in disguise or just an FML?

Because now, with more time I can edit it and improve it. Hell, I could probably write more and use more sources, not to mention I can move stuff around to make in generally better. 'Cause, seriously, I was so desperate for research, that I quote Sparknotes. Sparknotes!

Well anyways, now I'm supposed to be working on my Myth and Lit essay, for which I need a conclusion and some severe editing...

So wish me luck! Haha! : D

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