Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle..."

So at the moment, I should be practicing for my Acting Midterm, which is a scene from Lysistrata. Apparently, I'm playing an aroused Athenian male, which I symbolize with a sword. Heh. Phallic symbolism much?

We just went through the actual acting, which is now looking pretty fucking awesome. I'm sure if I was the audience, I would be cracking the hell up! At the moment we're discussing costumes: I'm considering using a short piece of canvas I stole from my art class in high school (which for some reason I still have), and getting a piece of cardboard and painting abs on it.

Apparently we're singing now. How very "Glee" of us. Haha!

I want food. I'm starving. I'm actually considering just going to "The Hat" real quick, and then coming back...but bleh. Don't want to.

Randomness: Earlier I bought a Venti Caramel Frappaccino, my first one in months (literally months), and I was drinking it in the rain. Ha! Take that society.

For now, howling and more singing. "Jumper" this time.


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And Ivan, if you're reading: Edited at 7:56. : P

Well, now I'm home, after grabbing a bite to eat with Cliff and Sabrina. We went to Subway, and I had this whole issue with the lack of mayonnaise packets. Long story short: I had a cup of mayo and had to spread it on my sandwich with a straw- not fun.

I now have the task of thinking about my costume for my midterm. I have to looked like a sex-starved Greek warrior, which is bound to be really fun, if slightly awkward.

Anyone have any ideas?

Just took a quick twitter break, and I found out Indiana Jones is Trending!! Sweet! I fucking love Indiana Jones! Except the new one, which to me, isn't really part of the series. Haha! Only Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade are considered part of that!

Although, to be honest, I would love it if the movies were continued with a new actor, kind of like James Bond. Only Indiana Jones isn't a book- but it should be! Though, knowing Hollywood nowadays, it'd probably be horrible... And I just found out there's an Indiana Jones video game for Xbox!! I am so buying one, now! Someone tell me, can an Xbox360 play original Xbox games?

Okay! Enough about about Indy. Haha!

Damn...this post is like the most random shit ever! Hahaha! And there's thunder as I type this! This is fucking awesome!

Btw: I have to go to a showing of the play "Measure for Measure" by William Shakespeare on November 5th. I get to visit the same theatre I took field trips to during my whole High School career! Awesomeness!

REMINDER: People wear purple tomorrow! In the honor of those kids who were driven to suicide by anti-gay bullying! Anything/anyone that drives someone to suicide is wrong and must be stopped! So please, in the memory of those poor guys please wear the color purple tomorrow! Doesn't matter if it's a small thing, just wear it!

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