Saturday, October 16, 2010

Okay, To Begin With....

To begin with, I'm making this new blog in order to chronicle a new chapter, page, volume, etc, in my life. The other blog, Midnight Stargazing, will stay up, but I no longer feel the urge to write on it. I fell it has become a chore to write on it. And while I love it, and it kind of hurts to replace it, I feel I have to move on. I will most likely not post on it anymore, but you know, never say never. That blog was the beginning of my writing dreams, of my true personality, and where my true "uniqueness" gathered a form. I thank all of you who read it and commented, deeply and with all my heart, and I hope that you will continue to read this new one. Sarah, Rainy, Daniel, Jazmin, Robin, Stephen, Rithwik, Sean and Mathilde, who all read and commented, thank you. : ) I lost touch with some of you, hope you will come back, I do truly miss you.

To you new readers, have fun. Stay. Welcome to the slightly insane world of Raul.

The title, whilst a little weird, has a story. A couple of months back, before I had finished High School, and I still talked to my father's side of the family (I don't anymore, for reasons I will disclose later on) I was talking to my cousin. I had told him that earlier that week that I had just scene the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" and while it isn't the manliest of movies, I really liked it.

He had never seen it, so I gave him a quick synopsis of the movie, telling him about the characters. I explained to him, and he said that the bitchy woman, whose name escapes me at the moment, reminded him of me. And I was like "WTF? Bitch." Because I don't know why it would, since I'm the nicest thing since sliced bread. ; )

Well anyhow, later on in the day, after I bought my mandatory box of Pocky, he turned to me and said "You know, you should write your autobiography and call it 'The Devil Wears Doc Martens'."

He said this because of my obsession with my Doc Marten boots, which I had bought myself as a birthday gift late last year. I love those boots. : )

Now, today, a day after I bought my new laptop, a macbook (btw), I had decided to keep writing in my blog, which I totally missed. I began my first real post in months, very long months, and I couldn't write it. I just couldn't. It felt like such a chore. I tried to write a word, it didn't work out. A sentence was horror. Don't even ask me about paragraphs!

So, earlier today, after trying to write a post about Halloween, I found that I couldn't. It just wouldn't come to me, despite the fact that I missed blogging so much! Like, I tried replacing it with notes on facebook, but no! It was just lame! It felt like a cheap imitation!

So after some soul-searching (and some procrastination, which I continue to do, haha) I came up with the idea of creating a new blog, something which I said I wouldn't do, because I wanted Midnight Stargazing to reach epic lengths. But it didn't, and it wouldn't since it was such a chore for me. And thus, "The Devil Wears Doc Martens" was born.

And now, enough with the procrastination! I must return to my evil essays, which I must finish! So thanks for reading, comment, and expect many future posts!

Au Revoir!

-I really hope I spelled that right! : P

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