Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the Stroke of Midnight...

It's almost midnight and I should be doing my page summary on masks in Ancient Greek theatre, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I've decided to just wake up early tomorrow and finish it, and I should just memorize my lines (and write a new blog post) before going to bed.

My acting midterm is tomorrow, I'm sure I've mentioned it. I'm doing a scene from "Lysistrata" with pretty easy lines, the problem is, memorization. *Sigh* I've almost gotten them down, though. I just need to work on my cues!

It is now officially midnight, as I write this.

We actually have everything ready: we made masks out of plastic and Crayola magic modeling clay/foam, whatever the fuck it is; we've created a costume, which consists of a makeshift miniature toga, a plastic sword that's meant to represent an erect penis, and draw-on abs on cardboard. The chorus is in tune, we've practiced blocking, we have expansive sexual innuendo (bordering on sexual harassment, actually), our masks are painted and all that's left is memorization.

I hope it goes well!

Truthfully, I want to set the bar for the other groups. I want them to watch us and be like "Fuck, we failed", whilst we laugh in mirth. I also want to "wow" the instructor.

On another note, tomorrow, sadly, we are assigned new groups. I really dislike this. I would hate to get someone who can't act and doesn't even try, or someone who isn't willing to participate. Like I've told my current theatre troupe- if I get people like that, expect to hear me screaming my head off. Constantly.

I want to keep my current group, dammit!

Okay, well this has gone on long enough. I have to get back to work, so I'll blog later on today, since it is after midnight.

Wish us luck!! : )

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