Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fav New Band of the Month!

Today, after waking up, eating grapes, getting dressed and inhaling a sandwich, I moseyed over to Radio Shack to purchase an iTunes card- something I've been meaning to do since I came into the money I have now. I bought a fifteen dollar card. I had originally planned a twenty-five dollar, but I vetoed in exchange of not buying too much music, something which is now regretted.

I found a shitload of music I wanted to buy a keep and cherish forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!

Woah. Make that three evers.

Anyway, I redeemed the card and headed to the reason I originally bought the card- Lady Gaga remixes. : )

So I bought a whole Extended Play of those (which are fucking awesome, despite the dumb remarks on iTunes) and decided to surf the store a bit. I went over to the "Complete my Album" link on the main menu, and somehow (don't really know how, exactly) I ended up on the page for a '06 album by the name of "Kick". I listened to the 30 second previews, and I loved them! White Rose Movement absolutely became my new favorite band! Sadly, they are no longer together, but I'm waiting on the new album, which they stated they would release anyway, so yeah!! Haha!

I'm planning to buy another iTunes card sometime this week (most likely tomorrow) in order to buy the whole album.

After I finished squealing like a schoolgirl at the prospect of the awesome new/old band, I searched for CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) in order to buy a few new songs from one of my already-favorite bands ("Meeting Paris Hilton" and "Alala") and to generally surf. I want to complete a Mindless Self-Indulgence album...

Right now I just bought a White Rose Movement Extended Play, which I love! Seriously, people check out this band!! You must! You may not like it, but I'd rather have one of you like it out of fifty, then not hearing it at all! : )

That's it for now!

Comment! Plz? Hahahahahaha! : P

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