Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shiny New Shoes

Today I went to the mall. : )

Specifically, I went to Lakewood mall, which is the best fucking mall, ever!

Haha! No joke, I freaking love that mall. I came into a good amount of money yesterday, and decided to buy some new shoes. Mainly because the shoes I have suck (except for my Docs, which I still love), and because really, why not but more stuff?

Today was Veterans' Day, for those of you who aren't in the US, so I had the day off from college- no class! I was originally going to bus it to the Old Pasadena area to do some shopping. Possibly with a friend, but most likely by myself. But truthfully, I did not feel like going to Pasadena (I hate shopping by myself) and I had an inkling to visit the Lakewood mall (I had never been there), I asked Vicki to show me how to get there. She wanted to make a payment on something she had bought on layaway, and I wanted new shoes, it was the perfect timing! Lol

I met her at Starbucks, and after munching on one of their fruit and cheese snack plates (I fucking love those things!), we walked to the bus stop. We had to take two different buses. We ended up actually getting there like around 2 pm, and we went directly to the ATM machine. After she bought some cookies (from which I, of course, freeloaded), we began our shopping excursion.

I steered us toward Anchor Blue, and I found the black and grey checkered flannel shirt I bought. After trying it on, regulating on the salesperson about the price (overcharging- how rude!), and trying on some hats, I bought it. I really wanted a hat (badly), but me and that hat just were not meant to be. : /

But it's okay.

After that, we went to a shoe store, Vicki bought boots. We went to Wet Seal (Why does that sound like animal porn to me? Just saying...), and Vicki bought a shirt. We went to Borders, I bought a couple of books. After that we munched on some pizza and fries at the two-story food court! I fucking love that mall! Haha!

Anyway, after the munching, we went to Hot Topic, where we debated the benefit of her buying poof-y punker-rocker skirts, versus me buying a Lady Gaga wrist band or a green wristband, when all I really wanted was a Shane Dawson t-shirt, which I never really found. Hot Topic was a weird moment. We then moseyed over to Spencer's (not for the sex toys you pervs!), and we looked at the t-shirts and accessories. I bought a bracelet for like 6 bucks, which I totally liked! Lol! Which is why, y'know, I bought it.

After that, we realized we only had like thirty minutes left, so we rushed to Journeys in order to buy my shoes. I ended up buying a pair of Converse, the brand which I have not owned for like years! Last time it was, I think, 7th grade? When I had this pair of teal-blue ones that I really, really liked. I remember trying to stuff them... oh damn, I was so stupid back then. Hahaha!

After that, I bought cookies, we rushed to the bus stop and caught the first bus. The second bus, we had to wait forever for. And it's getting cold here in Cali! Hahahaha! I ended up getting home like at 6 or 7.

Today was fucking awesome. : )

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