Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Freakin' Christmas!!

Despite the title, this Holiday was actually pretty good.

Also, before I go on, Happy Holidays/Solstice/Christmas/etc, etc. Hope you had fun if you celebrated! And if you did not.... well that sucks.

Anyway, my mom and I ended up going to my aunt's house for Christmas eve, which was pretty damn entertaining. Since it was also my cousin's birthday, we were celebrating double. So there was cake, extra-presents and lots of pictures. Also, lots of candles on aforementioned cake- which was hilarious!

After the cake (which was delicious) and after the paparazzi hit, people got to open presents. This was mainly for the younger ones, who got lots of presents! I really hope my little cousin liked the monster truck I gave him! He was all happy with all the new toys and games he got! It was so refreshing to see someone who hasn't gotten this holiday ruined for them and that everything is so shiny and new, still. It literally put a smile on my face.

Like this: : )

I was also able to give my mom the little dolphin necklace I bought her. I was so happy I actually was able to give gifts to people this year! Normally, I can't even give anything to anyone 'cause I'm broke as hell, but this year (although i am now a bit stretched, money-wise) I was able to buy stuff for people! Haha!

Afterwards, we were coerced into playing Loteria for like three hours. I made and lost like five bucks and then recovered two. My cousin, however, made like eleven bucks! That kid is gosh damned lucky! Haha! Like I told him, when I buy a business, he's going to run it. Lol

Later, when we got home, I got to open the rest of my presents- which were awesome. In total (so far), I've gotten a beautiful watch, a stainless steel Swiss army knife, a Remington electric shaver, a set of Lady Gaga buttons, a thermal shirt, and a Fifteen dollar Spencer's girt card. I love em all! : ) I haven't raked in this much during Christmas since I was like ten! I especially liked the shaver and the knife! And my mom got me the watch as a way to remember her when I go away to New York or wherever I transfer to. It was so sweet. : )

Well anyways, I just wanted to wish all of my readers a Merry Solstice or whatever you guys and girls celebrate!

Have a great day and hope you open lots of presents! : )

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