Saturday, December 4, 2010

Untitled by Nobody

I had my first audition today! : )

I auditioned for the ELAC production of "Stage Door" and for a one-act play by Woody Allen called "God." I really hope I get a part! I swear, I completely fell in love with the character I read for "Stage Door". The character's name is Keith and the director told me I was supposed to act like everything is about me.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do that all the fucking time!! Haha! So I acted like I normally would- and they really liked it! Or so they told me. I really want the part!! : )

The second audition, which I did randomly, I believe went really well. They gave me a scene at random, so I ended up playing Hepatitis, the writer in Woody Allen's "God", which I read about an hour ago, and it is fucking hilarious!! It breaks the fourth wall, without really breaking the wall. Oedipus references, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Iliad, and a whole bunch of other things were touched on. I'm sure if I was looking and knew the more obscure references, there would be a shitload more!

I loved today! And Livie was able to audition, too! So we might be able to be in a play together! Cross your fingers for me!! Lol! I really want a part! I wonder by when they'll let me know...

Now for random videos:

Don't fuck with the Gaga! Lol! I fucking laughed cause of this video- so fucking much! It's hilarious!

Favorite Lady Gaga parody:

A Ke$ha parody:

Hope you guys liked the vids!

Also, read "God", you'll enjoy it! : )

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


  1. My fingers are crossed, though i often wonder if it does any good. It never works for me. Let's hope you have better luck.

    And when you get the part, because there os no doubt in my mind that you will not, you must tell us all about it. :)

  2. Omg! Rainy! Hiiiii!! Where have you been?!

    And I didn't get the part. : / It sucked, but it's okay, because now it means I DON'T have to be a theatre arts major! Hahahaha! : P

  3. Ugh dang. Well im glad you have a positive attitude about it.

    I have been living life and discovering public school. Its been so exciting and demanding i have yet to find any time to blog.

  4. I'm kind of surprised about my attitude, too. Haha! But I'm assuming it's a good thing? : P

    Omg! How exciting! You were homeschooled before, right? That must be a change...! Lol! But in a good way! You must blog about it! You still making a new blog? High school, right?