Thursday, December 8, 2011

Psycho Leopard Cocaine Party!

So... it's my birthday. I am officially twenty years old and all wrinkly. Ew. Omg, Botox party at my house guys! You bring the needles, I'll bring the plastic surgeon!

Anyway, beside having the extreme weight of no longer being a teenager on my shoulders (I have responsibilities- ew!), and constantly defending my stance on still being nineteen (but I'm not, sadface), I had a pretty decent birthday. Last night I had to stay up and type up a paper for my Chicano Literature class so I had the change to celebrate my birthday while writing about the Chicano movement and spamming Lady Gaga on twitter to tweet me happy birthday. Yes. You read that right. Don't hate. #hardcoremonster

Well, while finishing that paper and preparing my extra credit presentation for art history, I was attacked by all of these well-wishers and happy messages, which was pretty nice. Generally, when people attack me, they're mad 'cause I told them the truth and they didn't like it. Haters.

So I went to sleep and I slept. I had a great birthday sleep, thank-you-very-much.

Then I was woken up by my overzealous mother giving me birthday-hugs and presents; honestly, I could get used to that. Presents when you wake up? Sheer awesomeness. Then throughout the day, I was spammed by everyone I ever met wishing me happy stuff and fun stuff, and hoping I had a great day. It was great! Thanks, you guys! :D My phone kept vibrating and it was so awesome, because I kept checking it during class, and I expected stuff to happen. It was great.

After that, Vicki and I went to go eat, where we stuffed our faces and planned for my bday celebration on Saturday, just me and my hoodrats, and what exactly we were going to do and such. She didn't get to buy me cheesecake, but it's okay; the opportunity will present itself once more. Cheesecake!

However, I still cannot believe that fact that I'm old. I'm expecting to shrivel up like a prune and have to wear glasses and start making racist comments, 'cause I'm old and senile. I'm like twenty. That's like sixty! Woe is me! My childhood is over! *insert dramatic pose here*

I expected to end the day unwinding, binging on Cherry Garcia whilst watching "American Horror Story" with Coug over skype, but she has to study and shit, so I guess I'll watch Grimm, eat popcorn and read Andy Warhol's philosophy. We are currently discussing alternative timings in which to do this during the weekend. : )

And thus, ends a birthday in the life of moi.

P.S. Happy. Strangely enough.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nothing Special!

There isn't much to say today, other that I'm writing this instead of working on my three essays, while the deadline creeps closer and closer and closer. If fact, one is practically nipping on my heels.

Well, 'wrimo was a total bust. I was good up until the second-ish week, where I decided to focus a bit on my schoolwork. What a fucking mistake. Not only did I get nothing done on my novel, I had to do homework! Bleh! I did get farther than I usually do; 23,000 words. It gives me confidence to keep writing and that yes, I can write decently and my dream is not a total waste of time.

In other news, I was a poet for a whole three weeks. I am currently pursuing this, and I shall update on how well this goes.

While procrastinating on my Art History essay on Pop Art, I am, ironically (or coincidentally?) reading "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol," by Andy Warhol. It's pretty interesting and I love it! I also bought "The Andy Warhol Diaries" which chronicles about a decade in Warhol's life. For those of you who do not know who he is, it is called Google. Please use it.

Note: It's this guy:

I love this picture, by the way. The world does fascinate me; what with its sheer stupidity and hatred for anyone who doesn't fit a certain image. Oh wait. Sorry, my misanthropic leanings are showing.

Anyway, today I also went to Walmart. That was a bad idea. Despite dealing with a bunch of annoying people who apparently do not know how to drive a shopping cart, I was also afraid I'd run into a whole bunch of booty-bouncing women, with questionable hygiene, bouncing around randomly through Walmart, with a guy behind them, reading a shopping list. If you do not know what I am talking about, consider yourselves lucky and please for the love of a possibly non-existent god, leave it at that. For those of you who are so morbidly curious, please go to YouTube and search "Mr. Ghetto" and "Walmart."

Prepare to be traumatized.

In other news, I have learned more about the city I live in. I went to this secondhand bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles, and oh my fucking god. It's called "The Last Bookstore" and it's like the Holy Grail of bookstores. If Jesus was real and read books, he'd go to that bookstore. Just... if you don't live in LA, and are ever there, you must go. If I had my way, that place would be a national landmark.

Betty and I went there on Friday after class, and yeah... I spent like fifteen on three books. Just adding to my ever-expanding library, that if it gets any bigger, I will have a fire hazard up in this bitch. Seriously; my poor bookcase cannot handle any more books! Not only is it collapsible, it's also strained to it's limits! If there was a fire, I'd be trapped by a burning wall of fire. Insert fire-y metaphor here. It's bad. I don't even have any more space to put in a new bookshelf, damn it!

Speaking of Betty, she's part of a group that runs Future Retro Gamer, a website run by gamers, that reviews games and well, they review games in very humorous ways. They're hilarious! Check them out here! And here's their Facebook Page. They're great!

I also decided that on random occasions, I will start posting some poetry on here, so you guys could give me a review, and stuff. Assuming that my readers actually exist and aren't just a fiction of my imagination. That, and possibly comments, comics and random pictures I take on other people's cameras, because mine sucks now that it refuses to work.

Maybe I should buy a new one?

I must also buy a new bookshelf and shove it into my already-crowded room. How do I do this? I need a carpenter, quick! Fuck. I suck at anything handyman-ish. It's times like these where I wish I was all rustic America and wrestled bears and killed moose and wolves with my bare hands like Sarah Palin. Then I realize what I just thought/wished, slap myself, and go watch American Horror Story.

P.S. A "q" is not a "g." Sorry to burst your bubble.

P.S.S. I want ice cream.

P.S.S.S. Be my friend, damn it! I'm like the nicest person, like, ever. : )

Friday, November 11, 2011

'WriMo, Day Eleven

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently. I have just been sooooooooo busy!

Oh, about eleven days ago, I started NaNoWriMo on a whim. While completely insane (some would argue, idiotic) I have begun to enjoy it. I started crafting my plot during a dark and stormy night, Halloween night, to be exact, and have enjoyed it so much! I try to craft some of it during the day before sitting down and writing, but some of it had been total improv.

However, the lack of pre-planning has affected me in ways I did not imagine; that and the Statewide meeting, and the Yardhouse in Pasadena. It's been crazy. I'm already like 9,000ishwords behind and I need to start soon!

So, random update, and leaving.

Also: It's 11/11/11.


: )

Monday, October 24, 2011

How Mainstream are YOU?

"Non-Mainstream" had become the new mainstream.

It's true. And it's just not the hipsters, although they are a large number of it. It's all of those people who shun anything "mainstream" because they're special or too "smart" to fall into the stupidity of the mainstream culture.

(Notice that I did not put stupidity in quotation marks; mainstream culture is dumb, but that's not my point. Just wanted to point it out.)

Most of these people feel like they're special because they dislike Lady Gaga or LMFAO and are into the music of this random, unknown, indie band from Bumtowm, Nowheresville. Do you want a cookie?

To be honest, I'm sure it has always started as a true movement to shun the usual stupidity prevalent in the mainstream culture. But then you get all of these little tag-alongs that just ruin everything, like the bratty kid brother that you're forced to bring along with you while hanging with your friends.

Exhibit A: Plugs and Gauges.

I assume that this plug/gauge thing started out with some sort of cultural significance. If it didn't than it makes it even more stupid.

Well, regardless of how it started, these things have taken over. People have them all over the place because they are unique, special little snowflakes.

People seem to think that if you have your ears stretched to the point of insanity that it makes them unique and different from anyone else, when in fact, they're just like everyone else. It's a fucking trend and some refuse to acknowledge this, thinking that it does make them different.

Newsflash: It does not.

Plugs/gauges are tacky and once you're actually done with them you end up with a nasty side effect, something that was recently coined as "Earlabia." (By Dan Savage, I believe.) Ears stretched to the point where they look like stretched out rubber-bands that just flop around doing absolutely nothing and looking totally gross. And when they have the little plastic stretch-thing on, they look like fucking cock-rings on your damn ears, bro.

If you have an real, culturally significant reason to have them, that they're respectable. It's all good. But if you're doing it because you want to be "different from the crowd" slap yourself.

Imagine if you will, two lines inside a circle. You have the mainstream, a red line, and you have the non-mainstream, a blue line. You want to be unique and non-mainstream, feel free to leave the red line and join the blue line. You are not a special little snowflake. You may not pass go and you sure as hell cannot have two-hundred dollars. You are just like every other person who is trying to be "cool" and go against "the mainstream." A dime a dozen.

If you truly want to be yourself in a society where being "yourself" is mainstream (or rather non-mainstream, since the two have now become synonymous) then don't follow the mainstream culture to know what you should shun or not. That's just lame.

Exhibit B: I remember that various people would tell me a different times that they dislike something because people all of sudden like it. This included various things: music, books, colors, clothes, ideas, shoes, television, facial expressions. (This is how the "Duck Face" happened), or my personal favorite, that idiotic way of texting. (Wiith extrah i's and h's and where g's become q's, iin thiis land thah qrammar forqott.)

If you're actively living to contradict the mainstream, then what the fuck are you doing? It's just a counter-culture that does the exact opposite from the other, no diversity. The only difference is that the "non-mainstreams" are more irritating about it, proclaiming that they're "different" and "unique," doing things their own way, when in fact, they're not.

Imagine the lines again, if you will. The red and blue line are totally different; one is the complete opposite from the other. (Rather like a mirror image.) They even move in separate directions! But they're still lines and move all the same.

If you truly want to be unique nowadays, you have to get away from the circle that moves around those two lines. Like what you like because you like it, regardless of who else likes it. Dress how you dress because you want to, not because people are dressing a certain way. Don't large pieces of plastic in your ear because everyone else is supposedly "not doing" it, and don't style your hair a certain way because everyone else is doing it.

In the case of the "non-mainstreams," stop trying to be the trendsetter and you will cease to be the trend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bite Much?

So I've been in a vampire-y mood recently.

I'm not sure exactly why, or how, it happened, all I know is that I've been watching episodes of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer over and over. Shit, I have probably watched "The Gift" like five times already. (You know, that episode where Buffy dies, the second time?)

Also, the number of Curses toward Stephanie Meyer has gone up.

It's very disconcerting, because once my interest in fictional vampire rises, my overwhelming hatred for Twilight rises as well. Not that this post will be about Twilight, because I don't feel up to it. I just wanted to point out that they're like connected, and my obsession on the paranormal had gotten to the point where I'm comparing everything. I think I reached the point where I could literally write essays on Pop Culture and vampires.

Like for example, The Vampire Diaries. Coug made me watch the pilot episode, which, shockingly, actually piqued my interest. So now, in the space of two days, I have watched about 8ish episodes. Honestly, it's not that bad of a show, if you like the drama. I dislike that the drama takes priority over the whole vampire thing, but since Meyer ruined vampires, it's the only thing that takes off.

Well, anyway, I've been watching that show, and it's not too shabby. I mean the writing sucks, and plot can be a bit campy, but otherwise, it's pretty entertaining. I guess my main problem with the show is that it feels like it's trying too hard to be Buffy. Bonnie, for example, is a werewolf (later, lesbian-witch) and red hair away from being Willow, and Jeremy's character is giving off a Xander-ish vibe, while his role is more Dawn-ish. Vicki is reminiscent of Faith, the "dark" Slayer, despite the fact that Vicki dies pretty quickly. And Caroline. *Sigh* Caroline, while being the stereotypical high-school-bitch character, is coming off very Cordelia-like, and is very bad at it. She's like Cordy-wannabe, and frankly it's annoying. Their roles are pretty much the same- the vapid bitchy girl who is always the victim, she goes after the main girl's vamp boyfriend, tactless, a cheerleader. She's pretty much a stock character, and although that's probably why the characters are so similar, Cordelia was so much better at it. I will say this, though: Damon, the second vampire, is awesome. He just is. The Mayor of Mystic Falls, Richard Lockwood, is too much like the Mayor of Sunnydale, Richard Wilkins, for my taste. Remember him? He turned into a pure demon at graduation. So I was kind of glad when Lockwood died.

And the whole Lapis Lazuli ring thing just screams Spike-With-The-Gem-of-Amara. That aspect of it is apparently of L.J Smith's creation, so I guess it's up to interpretation. The writing sucks, btw. I mean, some parts are pretty good, but others need some serious tightening up, if we're going to be honest. Also, Nina Dobrev sucks at playing a 1860's lady. It comes out fake, forced and slightly annoying.

I looked up the books. And just let me say, if the writers go with the original plot line, and Elena dies and comes back, they will kill the show. I do not care who came up with the resurrection thing first: Joss Whedon or L.J. Smith. Resurrecting the main female in a vampire/paranormal television show just screams "Buffy!" and the critics will probably eviscerate it. Violently.

However, despite my misgivings, the show is entertaining. Regardless of similarities, the show is no BtVS, but it is fun and entertaining nonetheless. Maybe later on it'll get better? Truly I don't know, but I look forward to finding out. : )

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Devil's Boots

Today is kind of a pointless post, but whatever.

I haven't worn my precious Dr. Marten boots since the hiking trip I went on with MEChA, since they were so dirty and scuffed. This hiking trip happened in the beginning of July, before the Anime Expo and after June.

+Yes, I went hiking. There were trees, and rocks, and dirt and nature in general. Apparently when they said hiking, they meant hiking. Haha! It wasn't all bad except for you know, the actual hiking, but overall it was entertaining, and will forever remain a fond and happy memory. I still hate that river/stream/moving-body -of-water, however. (We had to cross a stream-like-thing a number of times- I dislike it. It's existence pissed me off.) But I'll post more on that later.+

Back to my boots. So my previously shiny, black leather boots are now caked with dirt and mud and pebbles and they're scuffed everywhere. I couldn't look at them for the week after due to the shame I felt for putting my boots (whom I love as my children) through such hardship. However, I rationalized, that these boots were the best thing to take hiking, seeing that my other shoes consist of two pairs of converse (one cloth, one not), which are slippery as fuck when on a wet surface*, a pair of American Rag shoes, which are basically cloth, cardboard ad a thin strip of rubber, and my now terminally ill Polo shoes, which I was not going to take hiking.

So, when I returned home, tired, sweaty, and still in shock that I hiked (like through dirt and nature and stuff), I took notice of my boots. My poor, poor boots, who were struck over and over by rocks and dirt and submerged in water when I kept falling into the water. At that point, I just mentally cried and buried them under a pile of clothes in my room, saying a brief prayer for them and sacrificing a baby goat in their honor.

Flash-forward to maybe four weeks later. I do not wear my boots, since they have been attacked by nature, and I stumble across them** when searching for a book. I had been ready to leave to go visit a friend of mine (for the first time in weeks!) and I was looking for the book, so I could read it when I came back.

I saw my poor boots, and in a moment of love, I decided to wear them. I shook them a bit, chasing away potential spiders or rocks, and put them on.

Strangely, the dust and irreversible scuff marks gave them a sort of... look. Kind of vintage, but that's not exactly it. It just gave them a sense of personality- and I loved it. I had never been so conscious of my boots existence before whilst walking.

It made them feel like my boots. My boots in which I bought for myself as an eighteenth birthday present.

It was awesome.

*Funny Story. When I was in Seventh grade, I had just gotten a pair of teal blue converse for my birthday. I didn't wear them constantly till March, since it was cold. Then April came, and I wore them- once. That same day, it rained, and the bell had just rung. Those of you who attended public school know that when it rains, the fucking bathroom floors get soaked, for some obscure reason. I ran in there to wash my hands- and I did a motherfucking split. My knee bent and I totally ate it. (Well, not technically, since I didn't fall on my face...)

It was funny.

**Quite literally. I almost fell.

(What does it say, that both those anecdotes are about falling?)

Friday, August 5, 2011

No Sir, No Dancing Today!

I have found the perfect book.

I'm not even kidding. And NO, it isn't the Bible. Loaned to me by a close friend of mine, "The Witching Hour" is the perfect book. It has everything. It's like if Anne Rice and V.C. Andrews had a love child. The plot is intriguing; combining a familial history darkened by death and incest with an interrupted ritual and of course, magic and witches, the plot is a total fucking trip.

The book itself reads like a mixture of Charmed and Flowers in the Attic. Of course this book was in existence before Charmed, although I'm not sure about Flowers in the Attic. Regardless, It had grabbed my attention. The main character, Rowan Mayfair, has absolutely no knowledge of her familial history and does not know a thing about her heritage; no idea why she has the power to kill or save, why her mother gave her up at birth, why her adoptive mother wanted her to have absolutely no association to the other Mayfairs in New Orleans. The other main character, Michael Curry, had an accident and came back from the dead with a psychometric power and has his world inadvertently tied together with Rowan's.

I'm part way through the family history (the second part: "The Mayfair Witches") and already I'm so into it, that it's not even funny. I haven't been this much into a book since I was reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and "The Harlequin" simultaneously because I couldn't choose which to read first. (Let me tell you, that was a fucking mission.) Regardless, I cannot put the book down (except for now) and it is thoroughly entertaining.

How have I not read this book before? It came out in 1990, I should have heard of this. Really, I'm surprised at myself. I still have like five-hundred pages to go, but I know it will be epic.

I have also started watching a lot of Dexter. I haven't watched Dexter since the first season came out, due to my lack of cable TV and lack of Internet or computer, so getting into the second season again was great! I had no idea I had been missing so much! I am currently part way through the third, and although it's a bit of a let down, it's keeping me thoroughly entertained.

This summer has kept me very entertained, on the entertainment front. (Does that make sense?) I have also become a bit of a hermit, but that's okay- a withdrawal from the world is expected following my disillusionment with society. It's a yearly occurrence. It just sucks that it happened during summer, 'cause it's hot!

I have also read Stardust by Neil Gaiman, re-read American Gods, started Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (also borrowed from Angie), started various online manga, watched almost all of Charmed, several anime series (Fairy Tail, Sekirei), went half-way through the first book of "The Sword of Truth," bemoaned not owning the seventh Harry Potter book, or the last two Anita Blake books and learning how to make pancakes and french toast.

I also was able to register early for Pottermore, by finding the quill. Which is ironic, because originally, I had no knowledge of the quill-clue thing until Vicki informed me. I also got to register the same night. For once my habit of knocking out at 4am came in handy.

Sadly, I have not been to the beach once this summer. I hope to have this rectified by next week. That, or Little Tokyo. I want some dango.

I've also been going through some kind of social withdrawal, since my friends all left me. Well not left me, like we don't talk anymore, but left me as in physically left, since I have not seen many of them for like years. (I exaggerate; a month.) Regardless, I've gotten a bit clingy with the ones that are here, since Cherry leaving to Arizona has me feeling all abandoned and shit. That's one of the reasons for my hermit-tude I guess. *Sigh* Me and my issues.

My hatred for Twilight has reared it's head once again, along with my distaste for Nicki Minaj and a burgeoning dislike for Katy Perry and her fireworking tendencies. I not really sure why my criticism for pop culture is so strong all of a sudden. Strange.

Oh, and I'm broke. : (

Okay, that's it for my update.

I want apple cider, for some obscure, unknown, reason.

P.S Why do I have a habit of using archaic words?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Musical Whine

Don't you hate it when people label music?

When a certain music is labeled as a "girl" song because the artist happens to be avant garde and completely out there? Or when the music a band makes is "gay" because a few members of the band happen to be gay?

Or, what's even worse, when music seems to define exactly who you are?

To be honest, it makes no sense. According to some people, since I listen to Scissor Sisters and I enjoy that type of nu-disco/pop sound I absolutely, positively must be gay! Which is stupid. Since I listen to Tupac I must also be a gangster, right? I also listen to Cradle of Filth- does this make me a leather-wearing hardcore goth? I listen to some Japanese metal and I'm not a Japanese metalhead. I have friends who listen to the horrible Nicki Minaj and the untalented Katy Perry- that doesn't make them illiterate, tacky, vocally disabled, or a firework!

Somehow, people have gotten into their head that if you happen to be a part of some type of group, minority, etc, you must listen to a particular genre of music and if you don't, you're "weird"!

For Crying Out Loud, Why!!??!!??

Why do people do this? It's stupid on so many levels! I would understand teenagers and children buying into this kind of juvenile labeling (and to a degree, name-calling) but once you are at the end of the hormonal years and hit the beginning of the end of puberty this stupidity should stop! Seriously, I have grown adults telling me this shit, and it's annoying as hell!

Why should No Doubt be a "girl's band" just because Gwen Stefani happens to be the lead singer? Why does my little cousin continue to bemoan my liking of No Doubt, telling me that I should listen to Metallica and such, despite the fact that I listen to them more than he does?? Am I expected to stay in one genre of music based on my skin color and my choice of friends? Because if that were the case, I'd be listening to nothing but new school crap-rap, techno, and corridos. I detest new rap, and corridos! But if that's what we're basing it on...

And I know that certain groups listen to certain types of music, but how does that affect me?? Am I supposed to not listen to music I like because of stupid stereotypes? I listen to Jeffree Star- that doesn't make me a transvestite! I also like jazz- I don't go party at a motherfucking speakeasy, dammit! I listen to techno and house music and the last time I checked I'm not a Jersey Shore reject! I'm no fucking Oompa-Loompa!

Gosh! Doing this kind of shit is stupid!

I will forever remember that time when, as a high-school junior, I smacked my cousin for saying that "Underneath it All" was a "girl's song."

Too bad I can't just smack everyone who tells me that shit. It would make everything so much easier.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free As My Hair, Fyi. (Noveling Pt. 2)

As I write this, I am listening to Lady Gaga's new CD, Born This Way. You should all listen to this album. But, before I go down that alley, I am not writing about Lady Gaga or her album. Just stating the fact that I'm listening to her.

In fact, I'm pretty much blogging about nothing. (This is one of those blog posts where I just ramble about random-er shit than usual.)

So recently, I've been writing about writing. That has been going well (the actual writing, not that writing about writing, because that truly does nothing) and I've been world building and world building, brick, brick, brick. I've found a way to finally write, since just writing the bare skeleton of something does nothing, since I have to go back and completely finish at the end, instead of going straight to the editing. I've come up with my style based on a stream-of-conciousness meets third-person omniscient.

That sounds weird, doesn't it?

(Note: I am now listening to "Deceptacon" by Le Tigre.)

It does sound weird. I'm sure it's been done (although it would be cool if it hasn't, but let's be real) but I like it- it's very liberating. I just have to balance the the conscious stream of the character whilst actually telling the story and describing enough so it makes sense.

I alternate between doing that, plot building, world building, and watching episodes of Charmed.

Also, I am now reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which is awesome. It doesn't have that dark tone of "American Gods" that I was wishing for, but it doesn't need it! It's a great story!

(Note 2: Listening to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.)

Stardust is awesome. It's going on the list of books I will force my friends to read before I die. So far I only have like two (American Gods, JPod) but the list will grow this summer! Ahahaha!

I'm also doing a shitload of research on folklore and mythology since I need to create stuff from scratch and tie into other stuff I already have. So I'm learning a lot! Like did you know, there are so many equivalents to King Arthur's Excalibur that it's not even special any more! Okay, it's still special, but I did not know there were so many people that built folklore around swords!

(Note 3: Listening to "Imagine" by John Lennon, now.)

I'm also making myself go through various crash courses from different mythologies and pantheons, scouring and squeezing out ideas into a small little pile and then working miracles. I think I'm making this from scratch, and it's not so much fun.

It's tedious.

But I enjoy it.

Why? 'Cause I'm a masochist.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Noveling Pt. 1


This is all I can say.

For the past four months or so that I've been in session, any type of creative writing I have done has been in play-form. It has been thought of, executed, perfected, and then re-written in theatrical style. Ignoring the theatre-formula all plays are written in, as a writer (or at least for me) you have to force yourself to think in theatrical way: anything you do must absolutely work on stage. Every action, every word, every little nuance must be performable and doable by an actor performing your work.

It was a harsh and annoying change.

However, it was a change I adapted wholeheartedly to. I changed my creative style and thinking to suit the needs of the theatrical, of which I did a pretty good job, in my not-so humble opinion. I actually like writing in that manner, thinking of how an actor would execute a character's action or movement.

But now, having been freed from school, I have a problem. A huge one. A problem of monumental proportions, that I, in my nineteen years of existence, have ever run across.

How the hell to I change back?

Very recently, my muses paid me a surprise visit, bitch-slapping me with the force of a thousand ideas and I wrote like a man possessed. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote, researching and meticulously creating this new world I was going to play in, and then, when it came to actually executing the action, making everything happen, pulling out my miracle bag and throwing it in there, I look over to my work and... it sucks.

And it's not the idea itself. At least I hope to the goddess it isn't the idea.

It's the writing. I read over what was supposed to be my first chapter of this new and shiny work I came up with and it reads like a badly written script! I did what I could, but I realized- it's not the writing itself. The writing could work as a script it I adapted it to the proper formula. Idea as a script could totally work.

The problem is that the work is, in fact, not a script. It is a novel, and I would like it to stay that way, thank-you-very-much!

I don't know how to switch from playwright-style to novelist-style! This is not in my handbook! In fact, I don't have a handbook! They never gave me one! I just don't know what to do! I know, it's all me and I should be able to do something, but I can't! It just doesn't work. Apparently I have two modes now, playwright and poet, and neither are interested cooperating with me. What do you do when you're own creative instinct is working against you? Is it supposed to do that? And it's not like I could grab a bat and beat it into submission (although I wish I could!) and just... ugh!

There should be some type of marker for this. This is self-help book moment, dammit! I need help!


I'm hoping that with enough writing it'll go away, but I don't know...

Anyway, I'm going back to the old grindstone. Only in this case, it's a pen and it's stabbing the fuck out of me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Names

Why is it that politicians always have unfortunate names?

I mean, look at Anthony Wiener. I know it's immature, but seriously, school must have been horrible for him! (Mildly amusing to outright hilarious for everyone else, though.) To be honest, I don't actively follow politics, since it's all fucking stupid and just depresses me. Thus, I keep in touch with the asinine world of politics through the Facebook wall of a really good friend of mine. (You know who you are. :P)

And I swear, the things I find out about (through my friend's Facebook wall), are fucking disgusting.

Like Ryan Fattman's (Another unfortunate name, yet I refuse to feel sorry for the little shit) stance advocating rape. Read the proof that stupidity should be punished here. This dumb-ass mother-fucker. Basically, his belief is that undocumented women should be afraid of reporting any type of abuse, be it physical, sexual or mental, for the sole reason that they are in this country illegally.

Way to shit all over basic human rights, Fattman. While you're at it, you might want to purchase a nice blood diamond? Maybe a shirt made by a three-year-old child laborer in China? They'd go great along with the huge hole where your human decency should be.

This is not even an issue concerning illegal immigration, I mean, not really. This is just Fattman's thinly veiled contempt for women seeking a target, that sick little misogynist. What he's really saying is that if you're going to do something sick and illegal (rape, murder, physical attack) do it to someone who is illegal, 'cause they can't say anything. Talk about scapegoating; I wonder, is this what Hitler said about the Jews during the WWII era? Seriously, who the fuck says that? Every women should be able to seek help from law officials in the face of any type of abuse, regardless of their immigration status. Idiots like Fattman make the human race look bad.

So back to unfortunate names, and Anthony Wiener, isn't his scandal terrible ironic? This whole thing over semi-covered pictures of his dick and his name being Wiener? I know! I know! So immature! I'm a horrible, immature person- but it's hilarious! The irony is down right hilarious! Excluding his questionable morality (Dude, a seventeen-year-old, really?) this whole thing, what I hear of it, anyway, is totally hilarious.

This brings me to Rick Santorum.

This one maybe the worst of the lot, to be honest. And it's not what his name is, but what Dan Savage turned his name into. His name means literally, in slang terms, shit-mix.

Let me elaborate.

Rick Santorum is homophobic and therefore extremely anti-gay, saying that sexual acts between people who happen to be of the same-sex "undermine the basic tenets of [his] society and the family." He said that homosexuals don't have the Constitutional right to privacy with respect to their sexual practices, and they should be regulated just like child molesters and zoophiles are.

(Random Fact: Did you know that Bestiality wasn't illegal in Washington up until 2006? See: Kenneth Pinyan.)

Anyway, in response to the stupid, annoying pseudo-morality spewed by Santorum, columnist Dan Savage started this campaign to come up with a new meaning for "santorum" in opposition to Rick's stupid comments. So thus, a new meaning for "santorum" was born. It is now: "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex."

Using it in a sentence: "There's santorum on the condom! Ew!"

Personally, I find it hilarious! (I'm using the word "Hilarious" way to much.)

(Random Fact #2: Dan Savage also coined the term "pegging.")

It must suck to be a politician with an unfortunate name. Sometimes your parents are at fault (Wiener, I'm looking at you) other times, you bring upon your own dumb-ass self (Santorum.)

Regardless, it is hilariously entertaining to make fun of them.

P.S: Sorry about not blogging for like a year, then bringing you politics (even worse-republicans.) Next time will be something pop culture-y (Lady Gaga!) or something about me!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

"I've Eaten More Queens than Lancelot!"

When I grow up, I want to be an Italian mobster.

What? My middle school always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.

True, they probably didn't have this in mind...

...and yes, I'm not Italian... but whatever!

Recently, I've been renting and watching a lot of "The Sopranos." I'm barely on volume two of the first season, but it's turning out to be very entertaining. It's burned a hole through the vampire-magic-mystery stuff I usually watch, which has been very, very enlightening. Not to mention, for a very forward idea, it is extremely subtle.

For example, in the first season, there's this episode where Carmela Soprano and the Priest are both alone in the house. It gets very psychological; exploring Carmela's distance from her Mob Boss husband and her regret, guilt and repentance over said husband's job, whilst simultaneously showing her and the priest's mutual attraction. Then, instead of acting on that passion and unresolved sexual tension, the priest decides to have her confess and then gives her communion.

People, that is the most sexually charged communion I have ever seen, off or on screen. (Although, off screen, a sexually charged communion would be pretty goddamn awkward.) Not to mention, the whole communion deal was a thinly disguised metaphor for sex. I have to give the writers their fucking props... it was so fucking interesting, not to mention ironic, that they would give such a holy aspect that edge of sex and attraction. Shit, the church should be getting pissed over this, instead of "Judas."

-> Yes, I know, this show is old, but I don't remember anything being said over it, while the church gets all bitchy over Lady Gaga acting out a scene from the bible (not offending anyone) this got away? Really, now.

But truthfully, this show is fucking awesome. It lacks that random sex that every other HBO television show has. You know, those random sex scenes that exist in every fucking episode and have absolutely no point? Like:

Janie: Omg, my grandma died!
Danny: She did?
Danny: That sucks.
Janie: You want to have sex now?

---Cue ten minutes of softcore porn---

Seriously. True Blood, anyone? Sookie and Bill sleep together the day her grandmother dies. I'm sorry, that's just fucking tacky.

But "The Sopranos" lacks this (or at least it isn't as tacky) and it does the show a fucking service. Because it is fucking awesome. "The Sopranos" is what new TV should try to be! None of this fucking Jersey Shore, reality TV shit.

Reality TV is killing pop culture.

Speaking of the death of Pop Culture, tomorrow is Friday!!

-Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday! Don't forget people! Before Friday, comes Thursday, Then comes Friday, Then Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards!-

Someone has to help that bitch find a seat. Seriously.

If I could upload audio, I would add a snippet of me singing that atrocity. I would say butchering it, but it does a pretty good job of butchering itself- it does not need my help. In fact, I think my singing would make it better, and that's saying something!

On other news, I'm going to Little Tokyo tomorrow. I'm looking forward to cheap Pocky. And, I'm impatiently awaiting the Judas video, coming out sometime soon. For some reason I cannot find a set date for it. But i'm waiting, nonetheless. Also: check out my post on Lady Gaga- I did not get a chance to shamelessly promote it anywhere. Once again, let me know of you know every artist I mention in it. Click Here.

Speaking of impatiently waiting, I'm also waiting for Keys' newest mixtape to drop (Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves), since she is now my favorite female rapper. For those who don't know, Keys The Problem is that rapper from Baltimore who famously dissed Nicki Minaj for her idiotic "barbie" image and stupid ass elementary-school rhymes. She's fucking awesome. (I provided the link, btw.) I've been consoling myself by listening to her first mixtape and the Roman's Revenge remix she made with A. Tamaris - both which are really good. Also, for those of you who like JStar, listen to "I Hate Music." It's the B-Side to "Heart Surgery (Isn't That Bad)"

Okay, before I go I log off, my song of the week (because I actually have time to think of one today) is Judas (big surprise) for the sole reason that I really like the beat during the bridge. That, and I'm waiting for the music video. If you have not listened to it, you should. It's so industrial.

With that, my possibly non-existent readers, I take my leave.

(You guys should show me that you do exist, and comment.)


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fame Monster

Okay, I know that I haven't blogged in a while and then to have my most recent post be about Lady Gaga... hmmm...

I was about to apologize. But then I realized I don't give a shit. Get over it or stop reading.

Anyway, back to Lady Gaga. People are bitching and moaning about her new sound being too industrial and too much like techno and they wish she could return to "The Fame" style of music.

Did anyone see anything wrong with that sentence? They wish she could return to "The Fame" style of music. Anyanka, get 'em.

(If anyone gets that reference, please tell me. It would be refreshing to know that pop culture isn't completely dead.)

Why the fuck would you want Lady Gaga to return to "The Fame"? In my not-so-humble opinion, "The Fame" was her worst album! Not to say it was bad, just compared with "The Fame Monster" and what we've heard from "Born This Way" it just doesn't compete. It annoys me when people say they want "the old Gaga back." I'm really not sure why people would want her to stay in that on little hole for the rest of her career! She's an innovator- she's breathed life into the pop game and wanting her to stay in that one little niche is like telling her to start selling canned music and stay exactly the same forever. I'm sorry, that would get fucking boring as hell. If she had stayed and continued with those ideals, the same people bitching now will bitch about her lack of creativity and such.

Me? Personally, I loved "Born This Way" and "Judas." The meanings behind those songs, and the sounds, really emphasize the overall theme of freedom, the theme that we're expecting for the album.

Also, on the cover: Get the fuck over it. It's fucking hilarious and memorable. Why would you want it "more elaborate"? Do you want her dressed like a gazelle? Did you want her with glitter and vomit down the majority of her outfit? Blueberry boobs? Whips and chains? Butcher knives and black vinyl stilettos? Speaking with a British accent? Wearing a tacky, ghetto version of her "LoveGame" video costumes? What! Gosh...

(Also, if someone can name all the artists I just referenced... that would be awesome. LOL)

Okay, I'm gone.

I'll try to blog later. : )

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thou Shalt Not

Oh my fucking gosh. I have not blogged in ages! Literally, since the month of February (and if I had waited until tomorrow, the month of March, too.)

Well not much has happened. I've had class and homework. I finished midterms the other day, in which I did pretty decently: an A and a B on the World Lit take home and in-class essays, respectively, most likely a C in Anthropology (crossing fingers), not-a-fail in math, and hopefully-not-a-fail in Bible as Literature. Yup. My grades are slipping- I need to keep up, before I get buried in the inevitable avalanche.

On the bright side, however, I finished the first, albeit painful, draft of my play. (Applause may commence.)

Today, it is a holiday- Cesar Chavez Day. I was not aware this was a school-recognized holiday, since I was trapped in year-round hell for twelve years before college, and it is a nice experience. I did not have to read, I did not have to write, I did not have to think! Which truthfully, to me, who tends to over-think issues in general, is a tremendous relief. Everything has just been so mentally exhausting that it's nice to have a break. I look forward to spending the rest of the day staring absent-mindedly at my computer screen watching old episodes of Roseanne, The Nanny, or random anime from my childhood. Nothing like mind-numbing tv shows to emphasize the act of doing absolutely nothing.

I've also been catching up with my circle of friends, whom I have neglected during my reign as Hermit of L.A. To be honest, some friends were busy with their own stuff. For example, I had two friends acting in a play (one killed herself, the other was a total bitch), I've had two looking for work/new place to live, and I had my bestie at a prestigious ivy league school working her heart out. I hadn't talked to her in weeks!

Which reminds me: Is it weird that, as friends, we have rules we cannot break? For example, I cannot become a Vegan (It's already bad that I'm a vegetarian) and she cannot become a Christian (not that she ever would). Is that weird? 'Cause truthfully, it makes sense to us.

But to be honest, we are pretty insane, so forget I asked.

Anyway, just this quick recap. I have stuff to do. Like veg out in front of my computer screen.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music is my hot, hot sex!

My taste in music is really strange. I sometimes don't understand it myself. I can go from listening to some type of European club music to Cradle of Filth to Lady Gaga and then finish it off with No Doubt.

I really don't understand it.

For example, I just downloaded a Benny Benassi song that Cougar made me listen to, and that I liked. And yesterday, I downloaded a couple of Cradle of Filth songs, including The Cult of Venus Aversa and Forgive me Father (I Have Sinned)- both black metal songs I really like.

(Speaking of Cradle of Filth, you people must listen to Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa. I absolutely loved Lillith Immaculate! Go listen!!)

The "Top Rated" playlist on my iPod includes a messy compilation of Daft Punk, Leftover Crack, Silversun Pickups, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Led Zeppelin, JStar, Queen and Simian Mobile Disco among many, many others. "Recently Added" holds Lady Gaga, Cradle of Filth, and White Rose Movement. For some reason, though, it tends to mesh with me, if I do say so myself.

People don't expect me not to like the type of music they expect me to. It's weird.

Not to mention I tend to get criticized for my musical tastes: for example, one of my cousins (I love him despite this- haha!) would always criticize my love for No Doubt on the sole basis that it was No Doubt. He would continue to say that I should like a band like Metallica and not No Doubt. I would then give him one of my patented "STFUandGTFO" glares and challenged him to name a Metallica album that isn't Ride the Lightening or Metallica. The first time this happened he looked at me in shock an asked: "There's an album called Metallica?" I had officially succeeded in making him feel stupid. The times after that (yes, he continued to do this) when I made him feel stupid, he would just shake his head say "You're an asshole/dick" depending on the day, and walk away.

I would just respond with a annoyed "You've known me... how long?"

Yes, I am very defensive of my musical tastes. Never figured out why. Truthfully, up until recently, there was no type of music (or artist) I hated. The dislike started when the Disney Devil Spawn began to auto-tune their horrendous screeching and marketing it to young and impressionable Tweens. The hatred twisted when the eternal twelve year old, Justin Beiber, began his plight for fame. Then the hatred reached a pinnacle when Nicki Minaj whored out her made up words and nursery-style rhymes, shaking her pink-Jeffree-Star-styled-cotton-candy hair and plastic appendages and "rocked" her tacky, cheap, copied style.

Apparently this hatred is not applicable to any particular genre or style. It picks and chooses whoever it wishes to abhor.


Btw: The title is from a song by CSS (Cansei De ser Sexy) a Brazilian band that me and Coug are particularly partial to. It's from their debut album. Listen to it! NOW!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ghosts, Tarot Cards and Sarah Palin

Well, I'm alive. Seriously, not a ghost- my blood is pumping as a result of my heart beating, which means I'm existing as a normal, live human being. Or at least a live human being (normal is too strong a word and not applicable.)

It is The End of February as we know it. And it will lead to the start of March and the birthdays of various people that I know, because for some reason, my mother and the rest of the world decided to have their birthdays in March. So I have lots of "Happy Birthdays" to give out, lots of cards to buy and a present for my mother. Lol!

I also started school about three weeks ago. I love my classes! My World Lit class is fucking awesome- I cannot believe I was considering dropping it! Despite the fact that we're reading the Romantic poets and it's forcing a Decathlon revival (which has it's up and down moments), I still love it. I'm also enjoying Bible as Lit and all the sex in that particular Holy text. It's fun. *Grin* Playwriting is coming along- I'm having plot issues! But I'm plowing through and my play isn't totally sucking; I just need to fix some discrepancies. Math is coming along, and surprisingly easy- at least at this point. But I'm confident in my mathematical ability (for once) and I'm sure I will pass the class. The Anthropology of Religion and Witchcraft is coming along, although I'm severely behind- I need to read this weekend.

Tomorrow I start reading this book on the Tarot- my new project. I had decided to learn to use and read them some time ago, and now I ordered, paid for, and received them (a beautiful version of the Rider Waite, for anyone interested) and am really excited to start. I haven't actually done any readings, since I don't completely understand the cards and their meanings, and I don't want to mess with anything I don't really understand (at least spiritually, anyway.) I can't wait until I start, though! : D

So current events... Well President's Day happened, and I celebrated like I always do- I sacrificed a baby cow and danced in the moonlight covered in blood and waving a huge stick around, in honor of George Washington.

Okay, so I really didn't do that, but that would've been abnormally hilarious! Hahahaha! And besides, I can't sacrifice small animals- I'm a vegetarian. Yes, I'm that rarity- a fat vegetarian. Lol! We happen! It's possible!

Speaking of fat, according to Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Obama's weight is a source for criticism. Supposedly this is only the latest in a long string of jokes about out First Lady, in which conservatives attack her and her anti-obesity campaign. I was not aware that conservatives hated children and wanted them to get diabetes and die. Seriously, Rush has no room to criticize unless he's a male model, or anorexic- and it is pretty obvious that he is neither, as far as I know. There's the possibility that the fashion world has lowered it's standards. The article also mentioned Sarah Palin, and at that point the whole thing became a joke to me and I laughed at her expense.

For me, reality stars are among the lowest form of life on this planet, and failed reality stars, such as Palin, are even lower. It's ridiculously hilarious- just like her chances at becoming President. I have no interest in what she has to say (unless it's particularly funny) and I don't really care about her opinion. She needs to go away. Not make reality shows. Seriously.

On other news, Lady Gaga won three Grammys: Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She also released Born This Way, which has been number one on iTunes since it's release- which is pretty good. This is included for no other reason than "because I could."

Okay, now back to me. I'm writing a play- a love story. Yes. Laugh. Laugh all you want! I can write romance... kind of. Thankfully it's a comedy, so I can wing it. Lol! I also have two essays due, and I need to start reading and writing, ASAP. I want to get straight A's this semester- which I know is possible! I also have to carry around a Bible. Bleh. People look at me as if I'm religious- and I'm thinking about dressing goth-ish and wearing pentacles all over me every Tuesday to dilute the effect. I don't like it.

What should I do my World Lit research paper on? I've been thinking about one of the Romantic poets (Coleridge or Blake, possibly Byron, if I can) or maybe on Pope's Rape of the Lock. Yes. I am asking your opinion- I cannot make up my mind.

Thanks for reading! : ) I appreciate it.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Born This Way!!

It's almost 2 AM so I'm making this short. I loved it. I will buying it as soon as it is available on iTunes. : )

Listen: Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Have fun!! Lol!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to Candyland?

Okay, this song, Candyland, by Blood on the Dance Floor, is one of the strangest songs I have ever heard. It's JStar worthy. No, but seriously, it has the most upbeat tempo ever (kind of rave-ish) and the filthiest lyrics in existence. Little Sample: "Cum shots and gum drops, Double-Fist and blowpops... Welcome to Candyland, I'll split your ass in two!"

I know. That's what I said. Seriously, it has ruined the board game for me. Not that I played it anyway, but it's the principle of the thing. This ought to teach me not to buy random songs off of iTunes (yes, I buy my music- suck it.) Despite that, though, I still listen to it. What does that say about me?

In other news, my semester starts this coming Monday. The idea of this is sort of bittersweet: on one hand, my life has an actual meaning! I am no longer forced to seek the meaning of life in countless hours of sleep! I can have a social life since I will now have a method of transportation (i.e. Bus Pass) and I can do stuff! On the other hand: Ew.

So I'm kind of torn on this.

Meanwhile, I've been writing this new short story that I came up with some time ago- and it's turning out pretty good, even if I do say so myself. It has vampires in it, something new for me, which despite all the fantasy I write, is a subject I have never approached, mainly because of the contamination caused by Twatlight and Twatlight enthusiasts. It used to be my "Fuck-you" to Meyer, but she doesn't care, so I just decided to write them anyway. The ideas are being played out correctly and the plot connects and is pretty sturdy, having taken care of any possible plot holes and fragility from the beginning.

I've come upon a whole new world in my imagination and I love it. Hopefully, this string of creativity and urge to write continues and does not die out as soon as I start the semester, which has happened before.

Speaking of the semester, I've been trying to come up with ideas for my future play. I need to write a full-length script by the end of the semester (early-ish May, I believe) and I want a head start before I start fucking up and procrastinating. Anyone that knows me knows I do that. Haha! You don't even have to know me personally- I'm sure I have a reputation as a slacker and hard-core procrastinator.

I really cannot come up with any that does not come with a insanely hard plot to maneuver, despite how awesome the final product may come out. I really don't want to have to mess with that- it most likely won't end well.

Does anyone have any ideas they want to help me with? Lol!

I have come up with a few, and I may end up keeping one of them (my first one had too many plot holes and relied mainly on comedy and sarcasm) but I want to explore my options. So... help?

Also: Congrats to the BHS Decath Team! They did fucking awesome at Public SuperQuiz today and I felt they deserved a shout out! They tied with their main competitor within the conference (HP doesn't count) and beat El Camino (who won Nationals last year) by one point! So, congrats to you (if any of the current team reads this) and to those whom are still in at BHS and see the team or coaches around campus- please congratulate them, the effort the put into it is above and beyond what should be done and at least some recognition is deserved, don't you think?

As I finish this I am listening to "Big Machine" by Velvet Revolver. I just felt like mentioning it. Also, I just freaked out 'cause I changed the song and I was suddenly listening to a Catholic mass in latin. It was strange. (Sadeness, by Enigma.)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures with Toaster Strudel

Okay, so I said I would post every week....




... it kind of didn't happen. Sorry? I just didn't have anything to blog about. Seriously. What was I going to write about? My adventures in doing absolutely nothing? Or my life as a nocturnal bum? Sound incredibly boring, even to me and I'm the one living it!

Anyway, I finally corrected my sleeping schedule. I only slept an approximate amount of three hours before going to court (no, I did not get arrested... seriously) and then spent the day walking in the sun. I would give details, but ehhhh...

So that night, I knocked out at 9 PM, and woke up the next day at 12 PM, which is a lot better than 3/4/5 pm, believe you me! So I've been continuing the pattern in hope that my sleep schedule is somewhat normal by the time the Spring Semester starts.

Heh. Me and "Normal" in the same sentence. It's hilarious!

I've also started writing again, which is fucking awesome for me. My vocabulary has started showing up again (it made a brief recession) and my strange sentence OCD has once again flared up, so I hope to be done with a rough draft by the end of this week. After that I just need to beat my writing into submission (it sounds painful, don't it?) and then to edit, polish, bronze and shine my final draft. (Although, knowing myself, I probably won't finish with the editing until after the polishing and that will just screw up the bronzing and I'll end up having to spit-shine, which might not end well...)

During this awful, inconvenient stint as a creature of the night, I have been entertaining myself by reading The Devil's Panties (Not Satanic Porn), which is hilarious webcomic! I love it! It's made me stay up 'til five AM reading. Seriously. The link is in the Click-A-Link section. It awesome. : )

Also, Toaster Strudel is awesome. :D

Okay, must leave. The apples are calling! (For some reason I've gained a strange fascination with apples, blackberries and Toaster Strudel, I'm not sure why... Hmmmm....)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soul-Eating Lawyers and Spartacus

Gosh, I have not posted in awhile. Which is really weird, considering that I have not been doing anything since the new year. My mid-January resolution- post at least once a week! Lol!

Although, recently, I have been abusing Tumblr, for some unknown reason. The shine is rubbing off real fast, though. I still like it, it's like Twitter- but a blog! Lol

Anyway, since I have absolutely nothing to do during the intersession semester at my college, I am not doing anything academic related. Apparently, my house took this opportunity to decide to devour my soul. Literally.

Okay, maybe that shouldn't be taken so literally, but it's bad and getting even badder! I have this habit of going to sleep at 4 AM and waking up at 2 PM or even later! I'm becoming nocturnal, which is absolutely not a good thing since I cannot do shit during the unholy hours of the morning. Thankfully, I can fall asleep before the ass-crack of dawn, but this is doing me no good. Bleh. I mean, I like sunrise and all, but I hate being awake for it. I'd rather have it videotaped and watch it at my leisure.

Truthfully, I cannot wait for the Spring Semester to start. So I have a reason to actually get out of my nocturnal shell. I mean, my friends can only go so far, because I love you guys (people I actually know, in person) but I refuse to see or be in contact with you for 12 hours straight. I'm sure you would not either! So don't look at me like that! I still love you, though! : D

Back to the real problem... someone make me stop!! : / I don't like being nocturnal! The only reason for me to be nocturnal is if I were a vampire- but vampires don't exist! I'm blurring the realms of reality and imagination and I blame my soul-eating house. I'm becoming soulless, kind of like a... Gosh, might as well become a lawyer. I mean, I'm slowly being drained of my soul, whilst immoral and having no values, and I'm already a bit of a whore... yeah. Law school here I come?

On other news: I finally hooked up my WiFi! Yay! So I can play my iPod games without having to hold it up in a awkward neck-killing position near the window! And now the neighbors won't look at me with those black "WTF" faces! All is good in the realm! Unicorns may drink alcohol and Santa Claus is real for the next three hours!

Recently, I have acquired a taste for HBO and Showtime programming. I've been marathon-watching True Blood in quick succession and yesterday I started with Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which is an epic show! All of you must watch it or I shall take the booze away from the unicorns!

Gosh, lack of sleep has gotten to me.


I don't hate any of you all! Kinda. : P

Monday, January 3, 2011


"Bitch, I'm a Spartan! Bitch, I'm a Spartan! Bitch, I'm a Spartan!

It means I don't give a fuck!"

Anyway, after that musical interlude (courtesy of my new favorite rapper, Keys), it's fucking cold. Like non-california cold. I'm okay with the rain (I love rain!) but the cold pisses me off. As I type this at 1 am on January 3rd, it is 46 degree Fahrenheit. I hate it. Coldest winter I can remember (although, truthfully, I didn't pay much attention to the weather last winter, decathlon and all) and it's pissing me off.

Although the pissed off thing might have to do with David getting me sick, but whatever. Lol! I hate getting sick but I guess it's better now than in Summer. That happened once and I hated it! It's 90+ degrees and you can't do shit, trapped in your hell hole of an apartment and hyped up on gatorade... Gugh. Pisses me off, it does.

Happy New Year, by the way! Although, I started off the year pretty fucking bad... I haven't stepped outside my house (a combination of sickness and rain) and doing nothing but reading and a TrueBlood marathon. It's all good, though.

I recently read that Rainy left us. Sadface. : (

But I understand. I wish her the absolute best, and sadly we can't keep in contact 'cause she never gave an email (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.) and that sucks! (Rainy, if you're reading this- hint!hint!)

Okay, people. It's cold. Not typing anymore.

Lots of not-hate! : P Hahaha!