Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soul-Eating Lawyers and Spartacus

Gosh, I have not posted in awhile. Which is really weird, considering that I have not been doing anything since the new year. My mid-January resolution- post at least once a week! Lol!

Although, recently, I have been abusing Tumblr, for some unknown reason. The shine is rubbing off real fast, though. I still like it, it's like Twitter- but a blog! Lol

Anyway, since I have absolutely nothing to do during the intersession semester at my college, I am not doing anything academic related. Apparently, my house took this opportunity to decide to devour my soul. Literally.

Okay, maybe that shouldn't be taken so literally, but it's bad and getting even badder! I have this habit of going to sleep at 4 AM and waking up at 2 PM or even later! I'm becoming nocturnal, which is absolutely not a good thing since I cannot do shit during the unholy hours of the morning. Thankfully, I can fall asleep before the ass-crack of dawn, but this is doing me no good. Bleh. I mean, I like sunrise and all, but I hate being awake for it. I'd rather have it videotaped and watch it at my leisure.

Truthfully, I cannot wait for the Spring Semester to start. So I have a reason to actually get out of my nocturnal shell. I mean, my friends can only go so far, because I love you guys (people I actually know, in person) but I refuse to see or be in contact with you for 12 hours straight. I'm sure you would not either! So don't look at me like that! I still love you, though! : D

Back to the real problem... someone make me stop!! : / I don't like being nocturnal! The only reason for me to be nocturnal is if I were a vampire- but vampires don't exist! I'm blurring the realms of reality and imagination and I blame my soul-eating house. I'm becoming soulless, kind of like a... Gosh, might as well become a lawyer. I mean, I'm slowly being drained of my soul, whilst immoral and having no values, and I'm already a bit of a whore... yeah. Law school here I come?

On other news: I finally hooked up my WiFi! Yay! So I can play my iPod games without having to hold it up in a awkward neck-killing position near the window! And now the neighbors won't look at me with those black "WTF" faces! All is good in the realm! Unicorns may drink alcohol and Santa Claus is real for the next three hours!

Recently, I have acquired a taste for HBO and Showtime programming. I've been marathon-watching True Blood in quick succession and yesterday I started with Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which is an epic show! All of you must watch it or I shall take the booze away from the unicorns!

Gosh, lack of sleep has gotten to me.


I don't hate any of you all! Kinda. : P

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