Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thou Shalt Not

Oh my fucking gosh. I have not blogged in ages! Literally, since the month of February (and if I had waited until tomorrow, the month of March, too.)

Well not much has happened. I've had class and homework. I finished midterms the other day, in which I did pretty decently: an A and a B on the World Lit take home and in-class essays, respectively, most likely a C in Anthropology (crossing fingers), not-a-fail in math, and hopefully-not-a-fail in Bible as Literature. Yup. My grades are slipping- I need to keep up, before I get buried in the inevitable avalanche.

On the bright side, however, I finished the first, albeit painful, draft of my play. (Applause may commence.)

Today, it is a holiday- Cesar Chavez Day. I was not aware this was a school-recognized holiday, since I was trapped in year-round hell for twelve years before college, and it is a nice experience. I did not have to read, I did not have to write, I did not have to think! Which truthfully, to me, who tends to over-think issues in general, is a tremendous relief. Everything has just been so mentally exhausting that it's nice to have a break. I look forward to spending the rest of the day staring absent-mindedly at my computer screen watching old episodes of Roseanne, The Nanny, or random anime from my childhood. Nothing like mind-numbing tv shows to emphasize the act of doing absolutely nothing.

I've also been catching up with my circle of friends, whom I have neglected during my reign as Hermit of L.A. To be honest, some friends were busy with their own stuff. For example, I had two friends acting in a play (one killed herself, the other was a total bitch), I've had two looking for work/new place to live, and I had my bestie at a prestigious ivy league school working her heart out. I hadn't talked to her in weeks!

Which reminds me: Is it weird that, as friends, we have rules we cannot break? For example, I cannot become a Vegan (It's already bad that I'm a vegetarian) and she cannot become a Christian (not that she ever would). Is that weird? 'Cause truthfully, it makes sense to us.

But to be honest, we are pretty insane, so forget I asked.

Anyway, just this quick recap. I have stuff to do. Like veg out in front of my computer screen.


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