Monday, October 24, 2011

How Mainstream are YOU?

"Non-Mainstream" had become the new mainstream.

It's true. And it's just not the hipsters, although they are a large number of it. It's all of those people who shun anything "mainstream" because they're special or too "smart" to fall into the stupidity of the mainstream culture.

(Notice that I did not put stupidity in quotation marks; mainstream culture is dumb, but that's not my point. Just wanted to point it out.)

Most of these people feel like they're special because they dislike Lady Gaga or LMFAO and are into the music of this random, unknown, indie band from Bumtowm, Nowheresville. Do you want a cookie?

To be honest, I'm sure it has always started as a true movement to shun the usual stupidity prevalent in the mainstream culture. But then you get all of these little tag-alongs that just ruin everything, like the bratty kid brother that you're forced to bring along with you while hanging with your friends.

Exhibit A: Plugs and Gauges.

I assume that this plug/gauge thing started out with some sort of cultural significance. If it didn't than it makes it even more stupid.

Well, regardless of how it started, these things have taken over. People have them all over the place because they are unique, special little snowflakes.

People seem to think that if you have your ears stretched to the point of insanity that it makes them unique and different from anyone else, when in fact, they're just like everyone else. It's a fucking trend and some refuse to acknowledge this, thinking that it does make them different.

Newsflash: It does not.

Plugs/gauges are tacky and once you're actually done with them you end up with a nasty side effect, something that was recently coined as "Earlabia." (By Dan Savage, I believe.) Ears stretched to the point where they look like stretched out rubber-bands that just flop around doing absolutely nothing and looking totally gross. And when they have the little plastic stretch-thing on, they look like fucking cock-rings on your damn ears, bro.

If you have an real, culturally significant reason to have them, that they're respectable. It's all good. But if you're doing it because you want to be "different from the crowd" slap yourself.

Imagine if you will, two lines inside a circle. You have the mainstream, a red line, and you have the non-mainstream, a blue line. You want to be unique and non-mainstream, feel free to leave the red line and join the blue line. You are not a special little snowflake. You may not pass go and you sure as hell cannot have two-hundred dollars. You are just like every other person who is trying to be "cool" and go against "the mainstream." A dime a dozen.

If you truly want to be yourself in a society where being "yourself" is mainstream (or rather non-mainstream, since the two have now become synonymous) then don't follow the mainstream culture to know what you should shun or not. That's just lame.

Exhibit B: I remember that various people would tell me a different times that they dislike something because people all of sudden like it. This included various things: music, books, colors, clothes, ideas, shoes, television, facial expressions. (This is how the "Duck Face" happened), or my personal favorite, that idiotic way of texting. (Wiith extrah i's and h's and where g's become q's, iin thiis land thah qrammar forqott.)

If you're actively living to contradict the mainstream, then what the fuck are you doing? It's just a counter-culture that does the exact opposite from the other, no diversity. The only difference is that the "non-mainstreams" are more irritating about it, proclaiming that they're "different" and "unique," doing things their own way, when in fact, they're not.

Imagine the lines again, if you will. The red and blue line are totally different; one is the complete opposite from the other. (Rather like a mirror image.) They even move in separate directions! But they're still lines and move all the same.

If you truly want to be unique nowadays, you have to get away from the circle that moves around those two lines. Like what you like because you like it, regardless of who else likes it. Dress how you dress because you want to, not because people are dressing a certain way. Don't large pieces of plastic in your ear because everyone else is supposedly "not doing" it, and don't style your hair a certain way because everyone else is doing it.

In the case of the "non-mainstreams," stop trying to be the trendsetter and you will cease to be the trend.

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