Monday, January 2, 2012

5 Things That NEED to Go Away

So I decided that today, I would blog about stuff in the general and pop culture that needs to go away. Hopefully, before 2012 comes to a close.

To start off:

1. Stupid piercings.

Is it me, or are plugs and gauges the tackiest thing to happen to the world since, well, ever?

I swear people are taking this piercing thing too fucking seriously. What's the point of having earlobes stretched at all? To feel special? Do you want to be a special little snowflake?

I honestly do not understand it. I've had people tell me "they're hot" or such other bullshit. Well, they're not going to be hot ten years from now when you have to get them surgically closed up, because your dumb-ass has fucking skin rings hanging down to your nipple.

2. Hipsters

Jesus Fucking Christ. What is it with the sudden influx of hipster-ism? They're like the newest incarnation of hippies. It's fucking annoying.

Bitch, it is not vintage if it costs more that five bucks.

This trend started with rich kids trying to be poor and now the poor are trying to be like the rich who are trying to be poor. Someone needs to cut one of those off. Especially where I live; It's like bitch, get your little idiotic thin-wheeled, multi-colored bike out of the fucking way before I have my friend run you over, 'mkay?

3. Shuffling


I'm honestly not very sure on how prevalent this particular trend is now, but when I was in high school (which was like one or two years ago), shuffling was the "in" thing. It is fucking stupid. These little children with their annoyingly bright shirts and multi-colored shoes (which, honestly, hurt to look at) and earbuds in their ears, moving around trying to moonwalk and shit, trying so fucking hard to be cool or something; You look fucking stupid.

I remember this one time, in math class, we had just finished and we were waiting for the bell to ring (back in the day!), and this random guy decides to start fucking shuffling in the goddamn classroom like he's important. We were in a bungalow. In a bungalow, some taps their foot, and the person on the other end of the room feels it. This motherfucker, with his epilepsy, or "dancing," shook the floor so fucking hard that, literally, my phone and iPod fell out of my pockets.

I was about to stab someone.

Anyway; shuffling is stupid. Don't do it.

I honestly want to see this die before I'm twenty-one.

4. Mohawks

No. Just... no.

They're as bad as mullets, afros and home-perms. No. For the love of god, no.

Tackiest thing ever: Someone with a mohawk and gauges. Just kill them there and put them out of their misery.

5. Children in Revealing Outfits

I can't even. It's like asking a pedophile "Please! Come kidnap my child!" JFC! Every time I see a poor child dressed up like a two-dollar hooker or a little "pimp" it makes me want to punch someone! Honestly, what are people thinking?

Were you dropped on your head as a child?

What the fuck, parents?


Okay. Rants over. Lol!

Regardless, there you have it. Opinion, by moi.

Don't like it? Tough.

Thanks for Reading! :D

P.S. Leggings are not pants. Just fyi.

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