Sunday, April 8, 2012

{Insert Cliché and Overused "Poltergeist" Reference Here}

Hello all!

It's been years! Well, not literally, but it feels like it has been!

Now, while I have no excuse for not posting during January or February, I have a totally legitimate excuse for March! Really! See, my laptop broke and it was this total mission trying to get it fixed! I had to go back and forth from Pasadena and on public transportation no less! It was horrible! It took me like two hours to get there! I just got my computer back on Friday, so I'm deliriously happy. At this point, no one other than myself gets to touch it. (Btw, shout out to Betty who helped me out and listened to my whining and bitching and stupid questions during this really stressful month!)

There isn't much to say about what I have been doing as I haven't really been doing much. I purchased a Kindle, so I have been reading more, but since I lacked a way to access the internet (my laptop is the only sophisticated item of technology in my household) I have been totally disconnected from the world and current news. And no, I don't buy newspapers, so that's not an acceptable method of gathering intelligence.

Currently I'm on dregs of Spring Break, tragically watching as the days dwindle away into nothingness, waiting on the day when I shall have to pick up my pencil and armor once again and set forth, to battle radicals and imaginary numbers. Oh, and all my other classes, too. But math is more important.

Which reminds me; I've been making a strange amount of math jokes... as an English (possibly Art History) major, is the allowed? Like, will they take away my English major membership card?

I've passed my computer-less days watching continuous episodes of Criminal Minds, which was pretty fucking awesome. I realized that CM is quite honestly the only show where I don't hate any of the characters. In every other show that I watch religiously (meaning I stream on the internet) there's always that character that just needs to get thrown off a building and just die. But not in this one. It was just a really strange observation, seeing as I am currently immersing myself into television after a year of non-immersion. Plus I'm making all these really cool connections and catching all these random references to random shit that it just so random!

Like, I was able to catch a Shakespeare plot line by watching like a minute of a movie. It's honestly tripping me the fuck out.

But in a good way.

Also, I'm getting published!! I submitted a few poems I wrote to my college's literary journal and they got accepted! It's not much, but I'm like super stoked about it! Like, my name is going to be in print and distributed. My name! This is huge for me! And besides, everyone has to start out somewhere! ;)

{Although, to be completely honest, I did not think that my writing debut, so to speak, would have been with poetry. Apparently, I can write it. Who knew?}

I'll post up pictures when the journal comes out, so you all can see!

P.S. Should I make a Facebook like page for this blog? That way I can also share other random shit I find on the internet and wish to share with my readers! Yes, all two of you! What do you think?? Leave a comment, or just nod your head approvingly in front of your screen! I'm psychic. I'll know. :)

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